Terms & Conditions

The following specifies the terms and conditions on which Book Worms offers you access to our service. Please read these terms carefully before using the service.

Who can be a member?

Any adult or a child (with the permission of his/her parent/guardian), who uses the services of Book Worms is called a member. To become a member of the Library you need to have:
(a) a postal address of residence in India and
(b) a residence phone number or a mobile phone number

We reserve the right to accept, reject, or discontinue membership for any reason. No member may re-lend books or magazines borrowed from the Library at any time.

Deposits and Fees

A member must maintain with us a minimum refundable security deposit as mentioned for each book. This deposit will be returned to you when you return the books, after deducting rental fees and the charges for loss and damage of books, if any.

You agree to pay all fees in effect when incurred, plus applicable taxes or other charges. Fees and charges are non-refundable. We charge a daily rent for each book. The date when you borrow the book is counted as day 1. If you return the book on the same day you will pay the fees for one day. If you return the book on the second day you will pay the rent for two days, and so on.

Delivery and Pickup

To enable you to get the books delivered to your home you must provide us with the exact address of your residence with landmarks for ease of delivery. There are no delivery charges. The delivery charges will be borne by us.

Once you have finished reading the books, give us a call or message us for pick-up of books and/or delivery of next set of books.

We’ll fix a time with you before sending someone to deliver/pick-up the books. If, however, you are not available during that time to take the delivery of the books, you’ll have to bear the delivery charges for the revisit.

Member entitlements & responsibilities

Members must report lost or damaged items immediately.

Members wishing to use Book Worms library facilities must sign and abide by relevant terms & conditions.

Members are responsible for notifying us immediately of any change of personal details, for example, change of address or phone number.

Copyright legislation must not be infringed.

Restrictions on Use

You also agree not to use the service for other than the permitted purposes described herein without the express written consent of Book Worms.

Borrowing periods & Return dates

There are no borrowing periods!!! A book can be borrowed for as long as you wish with no due date and no late fees.

Certain books (of which we have limited copies and we are not able to procure more copies of) which are being requested by other subscribers, may have shorter borrowing periods about which the Library will inform you at the time of borrowing such book and we will occasionally check if you are done with such books.

Penalty for loss

Lost books will result in a penalty of the MRP of the book. Members can choose to replace the book within 10 days or pay the penalty.

Penalty for damage

The penalty imposed for damaged books starts from 15% of the MRP of the book. The actual penalty amount is decided by us depending upon the extent of damage and further usability of the book for the purpose of lending to other members. If the book is unfit to be lent out, then it will have the same penalty as a lost book.

Check these book safety tips.

While we take utmost care in checking the books before sending it to you, still before taking the delivery please ensure that the book is not damaged.

Delivery time

The reserved book will be delivered within 24-48 hours to you.

Waiting lists

If a book is not available, a member will automatically be added to the waiting list for the book. Members will be notified when the book is available.

Payment modes

Currently, we accept payments through cash, paytm, phonepe, Google Tez or online bank transfer through UPI or IMPS.

Notices by Email

You agree that we may send you administrative notices and otherwise communicate with you about these Terms & Conditions by email. You agree to update your account information for changes in your email address. We are not responsible if you do not receive notice from us due to incorrect email addresses or other circumstances beyond our control.

By becoming a member of the Library you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions as may be revised from time to time. A member who has not complied with these terms and conditions will not be able to make a reservation or borrow any books from the Library. Book Worms reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions. All active members are requested to visit this page regularly in order to note any revisions to these terms and conditions.