Our Rating Scale

We have never been a fan of number rating system. 3/5? What is that supposed to mean? The book is 60% good, 40% bad? Why can’t someone just tell me whether or not a book is worth reading?

So, we have come up with our own rating scale. Every book that we review gets one of the following ratings:

  1. Troll-Material: I wish I hadn’t had the misfortune of reading it in the first place, and yes I’m a Harry Potter Fan!
  2. Read only if given for free: Books that I didn’t like and would pass up if I had a chance.
  3. To be bought only on Sale: Books that have nothing great to talk about, have some redeeming qualities but not enough to be keepers!
  4. eBook Material: Good reads but you could get better ones too!
  5. Fan-Effing-Tastic: This is reserved for those stalwarts which manage to make me dream-walk, which does not leave you even after you are done with them and books that you have to have in a hardcover version, those have-to-have books!

Simple, isn’t it? 😉

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