Book Safety Tips

Keep books safe and out of view of younger brothers and sisters and pets that chew. Find a special place to keep your library book at home.

Liquid (juice, milk, water, soda, … anything wet) is an enemy of books. Liquid damage leads to mold issues.

Keep your book away from anything wet, including the bad weather!

Make sure your hands are clean before handling a book, and especially after eating.

Turn the pages of a book from the top of the page. This helps prevent the little tears that are often found at the bottom of pages.

If you need to take a break from reading, use a bookmark (or any flat scrap of clean paper) to hold your place.

Never place a book on its face, it damages the spine. And never dog-ear pages, it damages the pages.

If you lose a book, never stop looking for it! Books love to hide in desks, closets, between sofa cushions, in cars, backpacks, sibling’s rooms, in piles on the kitchen counter, under beds, drawers, shelves – just about everywhere you can think of and then the places you can’t! If you do happen to lose a book, pay the penalty for it, and then later if you find it in good condition, please return it to us. We will gladly give you the money back. We would much rather have the book than the money. 🙂

Treat your book like a friend and all will be well!